To become a lawyer, you need to study for three years to earn a Juris Doctor degree. A bachelor’s degree is required in the majority of law schools for admission but these schools do not look for a particular major, although political science, pre-law, and liberal arts degrees are common. To know more about how to become a lawyer, here are the steps:

  • Finish any 4-year course to earn a bachelor’s degree
  • Ace the Law School Admission Test or LSAT
  • Enroll in law school to become a Juris Doctor degree holder
  • Although not required, gain experience by working at a local law firm
  • Pass the state Bar Examination
  • Look for a reliable law firm, such as, where you can get hired as a lawyer. You may also start a private practice.

In general, aspiring lawyers choose to go on hands-on law training at a law school. Law school clinics are usually non-profit organizations that encourage students to gather experience as if working in the real world while they work with lawyers who have been in the industry for a number of years. With this, students are allowed to advise clients under supervision. They can also create and present motions, talk with opposing counsel and help in the case investigation. To gain more experience, graduates also choose to offer services for free. Majority of new lawyers become part of law firms so they can improve their ranks of the law practice. There are also a lot of law firms where training for new lawyers is provided. There are states where state-required training is required for new attorneys.

Aspiring lawyers should also have other helpful skills, such as strong written and oral communication that will give them the confidence to speak in public. You should also have enough patience. Keep in mind that once you become an attorney, you will be dealing with different kinds of clients whose situations may be stressful. Lawyers who have law experience have a hiring advantage. You may also check out online pages of established law firms, such as, to look for more inspiration.