One of the few secrets in growing a business is customer reviews. Requesting for reviews is simple and easy enough for any business to undertake. The first step in generating customer reviews is to identify the best online review sites to have a presence on. People will usually find your business on the review sites through Google.

There are literally hundreds of business directories and third-party review sites on the web. Many of them are highly suitable for managing your visibility and reputation. In order to identify the best review sites, make a shortlist of at least 5 direct competitors. What are the review sites where they appear on? What keywords or long-tailed words do the competitors pursue?

After making an analysis of the competitors, you can choose at least 2 to 4 business directories and review sites in addition to Google and Facebook. The next step is to send the link to the review site to customers along with a request for a feedback.

You can start sharing the favorable reviews on the website, social media accounts, and blogs. If you want complete transparency, you can also share the less than favorable reviews on the website but it is extremely important to include your response so that people will know that you value all opinions.

If you will read king kong marketing review on some of the well-known review sites, you will notice that some of them have been written by the digital marketing agency’s employees. The employees want to share their personal experiences with the company to persuade job applicants.