Transporting perishable items from the USA to Canada requires trucks with temperature-controlled options. There are cross-border trucking providers that will take care of the complicated process and will ensure that the shipment is handled with care. The good’s quality must be secured while being shipped and this requires a controlled temperature system.

Cross-border trucking with ideal temperature and conditions

The isolating doors, walls, floors, and ceilings of isothermal trucks make them good options to transport fresh foods. A gas-cycled refrigeration system is designed to maintain the required temperature from the moment of loading to the entire journey. The necessary refrigeration capacity is supplied to eliminate any heat that may be generated by the perishable items. Isothermal trucks are capable of preserving the quality of food that reaches the consumer’s table.

Reefers have a non-mechanical cold source system that can minimize interior temperature and maintain it to an average of 30oC up to -20oC exterior temperature. To put it simply, reefers are like large refrigerators that can move temperature-sensitive goods like ice cream, fresh fruits and vegetables, and meats at the required temperature. Since there are different temperature requirements for each reefer cargo, the temperature can be maintained or lowered.

There are cross-border trucks with cold production mechanisms that can provide a consistent temperature between -12oC and -20oC. The high freezing points of the freezers can maintain the quality and condition of perishable goods during the entire journey. Freight transport services also ensure that contamination is avoided particularly when transporting frozen foods and pharmaceuticals.

Meanwhile, shippers must familiarize themselves with suitable packaging to keep the freshness of the goods being transported. A fair amount of insulation may be required for frozen foods to maintain their cold temperature. Ice packs can also be added to keep the packaging cool and to prevent spoilage. Gel ice packs or dry ice can also provide the much-needed low temperature.

Temperature-controlled transport options are provided by Titan Transline to customers who want to maintain their product’s freshness and quality throughout the shipping process. The right equipment is available for handling shipments that require chilled or frozen settings until they arrive at their destination throughout North America.