It all seemed that gadgets grew bigger in 2014 which is initially considered as a fad. However, with 2015 which is just a few days from now, will the trend continue or are we back to standard small-sized screens? We were obviously surprised when Samsung introduced its 5.3 inches (13.5 centimeters) display on Galaxy Note but Apple joined the phablet craze with its 5.5 inches iPhone6 Plus. Nokia and Google did better with their 6-inch screens that are perfect for games and web browsing.

Packaging for mobile phones

Mobile phones are packed in stylish boxes that are usually manufactured from card with inserts made from lower quality materials like recycled cards or vacuum-formed hi-density polystyrene. The card that makes up the box has color and images applied to it through different printing technologies with the card lacquered so as to give it a glossy or satin finish. Usually, the boxes are shaped into cubes to make shipping and storage more efficient. You will notice that there are no glued seams and when the lid folds downwards, the box locks in a closed position. The phone and the charger fit perfectly inside the card inlay so that it is protected from knocks. The color scheme is dependent upon the brand with the manufacturer’s name boldly displayed for additional marketing.

Emerging packaging trends for 2015

It is expected that packaging will continue to evolve with new materials and styles. Some brands may decide to upgrade their packaging to attract the attention of more customers. Many brands are now using their online identities for their offline marketing strategies through the use of more personalized packaging that adds a human touch to suggest to the customer that there is a face behind the brand. In many instances, the typography used is handwritten and imperfect to provide more charm and character to the product. Brands are also starting to incorporate QR codes in their packaging so that they can direct customers to their online channels. Campaign hashtags are also printed in boxes to encourage social media interaction. However, it is important for packaging to fulfill its purpose which is to provide protection during the transport of the product.