Kia Australia has recently partnered up with Aussie adtech company, Cartelux, as part of their efforts to boost their marketing and ad campaigns.

The company described the move as a ‘world’s first’ for them and has the car manufacturer deploying Cartelux’s centralized digital marketing solution for its Australian dealership network, with the goal of making it easier to buy media and create ads.

Kia Australia Digital Marketing Manager Nikolas Souliotis stated that the company made this investment and partnered up with Cartelux because they recognized that they needed to be better-aligned, hoping to bolster the company’s AU presence.

The pilot will be run across the world, with Kia Australia taking charge alongside Cartelux, with participation from Google and Kia Australia dealerships. Notably, Kia has at least 125 dealerships spread out across the country.

Soulioutis says that achieving success in the digital age is something that Kia can only achieve by working with its dealers and other companies. The Cartelux platform providing better marketing solutions and scalable video and data consolidation will allow the car manufacturer to deliver better results to customers for less investment, which he considers as the future of performance-driven marketing.

Cartelux Global General Manager Patrick Doble stated that they’ll start off by using digital video ads with geo-targeting for the campaign. He stated that their first plan is to provide better targeted local campaigns for the automotive company.

Doble described Kia as one of the most innovative companies across the world, and that they will be moving forward with their plans, with goals to boost local marketing campaigns, starting with videos then moving on to many a king kong agency review and the like.