According to research, early childhood education plays an important role in a child’s future. Parents should take advantage of the opportunities provided by Starbright Montessori to shape the child’s mind and attitude towards learning. The top priority of preschool is to provide a nourishing environment for a child so that their social, emotional and cognitive skills will be built accordingly.

When technology is appropriately used, it can help in the development of a child’s basic skills. Silicon Valley investors that include Google Ventures and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative have invested on startup Lovevery that produces low-tech, old school toys. The toys are carefully designed by the Idaho-based company to meet the developmental needs of children.

The first brand that was launched by Jessica Rolph and Roderick Morris is the award-winning Play Gym for infants. There is also a collection of Play Kits that a child can play with for the first two years of his life. The newborn kit includes cards with interesting black and white images because babies take several weeks for their vision to be fully developed. A kit for toddlers between 19 and 21 months contains a flashlight they can use for nighttime adventures.

Each of the kits includes a booklet intended for parents to help understand their children during the developmental stage. According to Rolph, they invested a lot of time in designing toys that will keep children engaged and interested. Their goal is to become the go-to resource for parents as they go from every stage in the developmental process.

The first toy that was launched for preschool children is the set of wooden blocks that contain carefully selected pieces that children can play with for years. Motor skills of preschool children can be developed by building towers while older ones can do more complex tasks like creating moving vehicles and faces that express emotions.

Experts believe that quality education provided by quality preschool like Starbright Montessori can help in the child’s developmental process. Children are born with the natural desire to learn and discover something new. They absorb information from the environment like a sponge which means that children must be in an environment that will shape their minds towards learning.