Planning a wedding can be very stressful if there is no assistance from professionals who have an extensive experience in wedding planning. The wedding planner usually communicates with vendors from wedding chair hire in Sydney to wedding venues and caterers. They have valuable contacts in the industry that makes wedding planning efficient and well organized.

Meanwhile, there are some things that wedding couples can prepare by themselves like creating a custom wedding hashtag to collect all the photos posted in Instagram. It is very likely for guests to use the time taking photographs and videos through their phones and wedding couples have to ensure that there is a cute cell phone charging station.

What was the exact heart rate of the bride the moment she walked down the aisle? Brides have the option of wearing an 18K Apple gold watch or a simple FitBit bracelet that will track the exact time when the heart beat spiked. The gadget could create a complete heartbeat timeline while getting married.

Wedding planners usually hire photographers and videographers for the big day. However, if the wedding will be held outdoors, the beauty of the environment can be captured using drone technology. It is very likely that the wedding couple chose the location because it means a lot to them. An aerial footage of the wedding and reception can be best captured by a drone.

The walk down the aisle is one of the most memorable moments for the bride. The moment can be captured from a vantage point by asking the florist to reserve a spot on the bridal bouquet. A mini camera similar to GoPro can be inserted on the small spot so that everything will be recorded from the look on the guests’ faces to the parental handoff. Candid shots are always the best.

Decades ago, wedding couples hardly place any importance to chairs. Today, there is wedding chair hire in Sydney that will seat the guests in style. There are elegant seating options or white Alfresco chairs suitable for garden weddings. Ottomans can be requested to create a comfortable atmosphere for the wedding event.