Microsoft Teams Introduce More Options In Hosting Collaborative Meetings

The number of smartphone users is expected to continue increasing substantially across the world. It is clear that the development of web apps is becoming more crucial for businesses. If you will set up Zoho for your business, all internal and external departments can be streamlined in one platform uniformly. A single web app is all that a business needs to handle its operations.

According to Microsoft Teams, third-party app developers and independent software vendors can now integrate their apps and services with Teams meetings so that users will have more options to host collaborative meetings. The third-party apps include features that are very useful to participants during pre and post meetings.

With the integration of third-party apps on Microsoft Teams, users can share new types of app-data seamlessly which was not previously possible without the Screen Sharing option. The lists of third-party apps that are coming to Microsoft Teams and their functions are still unclear but more information will be shared in the coming days.

Microsoft Teams has also announced the new mode called Together that will improve video calling experience. The goal of Together is to reduce fatigue that users experience during prolonged video calls. The app uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) segmentation technology that puts participants in a shared background similar to an auditorium. This is particularly helpful during brainstorming and roundtable discussions where multiple people are speaking because background distractions are reduced.

The new updates made by Microsoft Teams has come at a time when people are mostly staying indoors because of the coronavirus pandemic. Web Client will be adding a new feature called Microsoft Lists that will allow users to track issues, assets, routines, contacts, inventories and more. The app will be using customizable views, rules and comments so that everyone will be in sync. Microsoft Lists will available for both Android and iOS phones later this year.

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