Interested men who have finally found their future latin wives will have an opportunity to communicate independently from the marriage agency. Many Latin women are rather fluent in English but it won’t hurt to upload translation services from English to Spanish and Spanish to English on the mobile phone. Being able to communicate effectively will allow both parties to learn more about each other.

Individuals that use Microsoft Translator app can benefit from neural machine language translations even without internet connection. Neural machine translations rely on cloud processing to enjoy the capability on a smart phone. Smart phone users can choose from a range of Microsoft Translator apps for the Apple phone, Android phone and Amazon Fire.

The Android and IOS apps that include language packs is now available and support is coming for Microsoft devices soon. According to Microsoft, it has previously supported artificial intelligence (AI) translations on some Android phones that have a dedicated AI chip. Although Microsoft did not mention the brands of Android phones that were AI-supported, many assumed that Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro with a dedicated neural processor was one of them.

Microsoft has upgraded its algorithms so that the capability will be enabled on smart phones that do not have the AI chip. The offline translations offer neural translations that are almost similar to online quality. Developers can use the neural translation packs for incorporation to their apps with the same translation capabilities. Developers only need to add a simple code that makes use of Android’s bound service technology with an AIDL interface to integrate the neural translation app.

If the mobile device is online, the Translator app will retrieve translations from the Microsoft service on Azure. Once the mobile device is offline, Microsoft Translator apps will use the offline language packs that currently include 44 language packs. Right now, 11 have neural translation support with more to be added in the future.

Aside from frequent conversations with the potential latin wives, it is important for interested gentlemen to upload the best looking photographs in their profile to create a good impression. However, make sure not to create a wrong interpretation; it is better to be honest.

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