The technologies being used by trucking and logistics companies contribute to one cause: to make deliveries faster, more accurate and more efficient for both the company and its clients. Automation that uses data-driven software can improve the operational efficiency of machines from package labelling to sorting systems in the warehouse.

In the Port of Rotterdam in Holland, fully-automated container terminals use computerized stacking cranes to unload cargo. Automation increases production, improves handling performance and reduces labour costs. According to estimates made by Wall Street Journal, the most advanced port in the world will increase its overall productivity by as much as 30% due to automation.

Unlike machineries that run through automation, robots can perform several jobs simultaneously, making them a very important component of the logistics industry. This is particularly true for ecommerce operations where the heightened speed and efficiency of deliveries will contribute to the growth of their online sales.

One example is Amazon that purchased Kiva robots to fulfil one-click orders in less than 15 minutes. It takes a human to complete the task in 60 to 75 minutes. Aside from competitive advantage, the use of the Kiva robot reduces the company’s expenses by 20%.

Drones have many promising applications in the logistics industry from their predicted ability to coordinate new forms of express deliveries to consumers to their ability to deliver products quickly in highly dense and congested urban areas. Early adopters of the technology include UPS that entered a partnership with Zipline for medical deliveries in Africa.

Cloud computing has the potential to provide increased efficiency and flexibility to the logistics industry. The use of smart processes makes the operations of a global shipping company accessible through a user-friendly, online dashboard. Transaction costs are reduced and increased transparency is more satisfactory to the growing consumer base. Logistics companies that are at the forefront of these innovations will experience the best benefits.

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