Perishable goods have grown to be more diverse including fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy products, meats, and other frozen foods. The current trucking in Kitchener now provides refrigeration systems, also called reefers, to ensure the loads are in ideal temperatures and humidity levels, so they arrive safely to their destinations.

These days, the cold chain has broadened due to some economics and regulations. More loads require temperature-controlled handling, to include:

  • Pharmaceuticals: Typical drugs like seasonal flu vaccine and insulin must be kept in cold temperatures to prevent contamination and spoilage.
  • Personal Care Products: Perfumes, cosmetics and other personal care products need to be protected from spoilage, especially during the journey from factory to warehouse. Like lipstick, it will melt without proper trailer temperature.
  • Chemicals and Engineered Materials: if the temperature is controlled, there is less possibility for chemical reaction, which can affect the quality or may result to explosion or fire.
  • Fine Art and Antiques: For these items, the humidity and temperature is controlled to ensure the real value of the items. They need to be kept in a controlled temperature of about 70˚F.
  • Tobacco Products: These products must be stored in strictly controlled temperatures to preserve its quality and freshness.

Keeping Cool

The current trucking in Kitchener now utilise more efficient, reliable and flexible technologies like transportation refrigeration systems than those ever built a decade ago. Today, a trucking service can adjust the refrigeration systems to a desired airflow, temperature or operating mode that is appropriate to carry the loads.

The trucking service can enhance the safety and security of the load by installing repetitive refrigeration systems to ensure maintenance of optimum environmental conditions, even if the main refrigeration unit will fail. The ultrasonic fuel sensor technology is one advancement to provide accurate and timely information about refrigeration fuel levels.

Furthermore, the refrigeration systems of today are more energy-effective and environment-friendly more than ever. Most trucking in Kitchener now use non-ozone-depleting refrigerants, which run about 5% biodiesel blend. They are 85% quieter and 10 to 20% more fuel-effective than older units. So, thanks to modern technologies, the trucking service can load temperature sensitive goods, which arrive in the best shape.

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