Syracuse-based Poly-Wood is a manufacturer of outdoor furniture made from HDPE. At the centre of its production is a combination of plastic shredders and wash components that have been specifically customized by Lindner for the efficient recycling of post-consumer HDPE materials from empty but un-cleaned non-returnable milk containers.

The Lindner systems convert HDPE materials into flakes to make it an ideal material for recycling in terms of purity, residual moisture and particle size. According to Chad Rassi, process engineer at Poly-Wood, they were lucky because the recycling system was built from scratch to ensure outstanding cost efficiency and make the recycling process technically and economically feasible.

The goal of the recycling system is to ensure a high level of sustainability through the efficient use of water, heating and energy power to generate a low-maintenance operation, maintenance-friendly design and high nominal throughput for a long term operation.

Lindner familiarized itself extensively with the project to come up with the best possible solution. The first step in the Lindner system is the Micromat Plus 2000 single-shaft plastic shredder with a feeding chain conveyor. The powerful plastic shredder is designed to ensure consistent low energy consumption with high efficiency.

In order to maximize productivity, different drive systems, rotors and blades were combined for the respective shredder material. The point blade rotor (78” in length with 22” diameter) is equipped with 104 2.6” x 2.6” blades that are 4 times changeable to ensure precise cutting with a very high throughput even with very abrasive and unclean materials. The large inspection and maintenance flap allows for comfortable adjustments and the replacement of blades and counter-blades including cleaning of the hopper and replacement of impurities.

Lindner was able to address the demand for input material in the recycling process because of its extensive experience and familiarity with plastic recycling machineries.

A plastic shredder machine can be used to shred materials to reduce volume and allow it to be processed further in the granulator before it is re-introduced to the production process. The plastic shredder can also be used for a wide array of applications from general recycling of electronic waste and post-consumer waste handling.

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