If you are someone who is always working in front of the computer, medical professionals at Optopia are sending out a warning about the problems it could cause to human eyes. There are even studies that show how tears and its composition will change as we continue to use computers and gadgets daily. When this happens, the possibility of having dry eye syndrome will be higher. To help our eyes while working, there are gadgets we can use such as the following.

  • LED Book Light. This is a helpful product from Light Wedge if you are reading before bedtime or while traveling. It helps the eyes focus on what the user is reading because of the LED light. The acrylic lens is as big as a regular page and the best thing about this gadget is that the light will not bother those who are sleeping or traveling beside you. The only thing it needs is four pieces of AAA batteries in order to be used for 40 hours.
  • Video Eye. This was originally launched to help people with visual impairments but this is also ideal for those who wanted to see what they are writing on bigger screen. This works by placing the viewing head with camera on top of the area where one is working thus projecting it bigger into the computer screen. This is recommended for people who are writing manually by hand.
  • Anti-glare filter. This is one of the most popular products which can be purchased online as well as retail stores offering office supplies. It comes in different sizes which also differ in prices so that you can choose one that will fit the screen of your gadgets perfectly. It is applied directly to the screen and can be removed when needed. It helps control the glare as well as prevents mirror-like reflections.
  • Gunnars glasses. Make sure that you contact a professional from Optopia before trying this one because the glasses were made especially for gamers who are always in front of a computer screen. The glasses are claimed to reduce blue light and block ultraviolet light.