For people who ride their motorcycle as a means of transportation or a hobby, wearing motorbike casual clothing is acceptable but for those who ride it as a sport should be equipped with the safest and innovative clothing gear. Riding as a sport is more dangerous because of the speed and the stunts they have to pull through in order to win a competition. Furthermore, the motorbikes used by those who compete are far more advance and harder to control than regular motorcycle models. Safety should always be the priority; therefore, experts in the industry are always looking to develop innovative motorcycle gears such as the ones in the list below.

  • Helite leather airbag jacket. This is the perfect for riders who want the best features. This is made of cowhide material and equipped with the latest airbag technology developed by the manufacturer, Helite. The tech is designed specially to protect the wearer in case of a crash as it absorbs the impact.
  • Skully AR-1 Helmet. The manufacturer of this product was recognized as the Best Wearable tech Company. The innovative motorcycle helmet comes with a floating head in transparent colour. It is equipped with a 180 degree camera located at the rear. This held reduce significantly any blind spots thus preventing crashes due to blind spot.
  • Beartek motorcycle gloves. This is state-of-the-art because it gives the wearer the ability to access their phones through Bluetooth. They can also manage their GoPro camera by connecting it to through Wi-Fi network. All the rider needs to do is press their thumb into fingers of the gloves. It is also sensitive to touchscreen devices therefore it can be worn at all times.
  • This is an electronic gadget that can be attacked to the helmet which eliminates the need to look down. It displays the three most important riding parameters on the gadget’s screen including gear change, speed and engine revs. It can notify the rider if there are speed cameras ahead through a downloadable GPS feature.
  • Shock Doctor’s Impact Short. This piece of clothing is a cut above the other motorbike casual clothing because it is made of shockskin fabric along with vented foam pads that were attached by high frequency seams.

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