Allegations of fraud have been resolved by Donich Law for individuals with no criminal records. The law firm has extensive experience in defending fraud allegations that includes forged documents to facilitate a crime, complex and sophisticated fraudulent banking schemes or internal employee fraud allegation.

Criminals are exploiting the chaos caused by the coronavirus pandemic. There is a growing number of fraudulent activities that investors must be aware of like the Ponzi schemes, fake certificates of deposit, bogus stock promotions and community-based financial scams. SEC has issued an investor alert after receiving a significant number of tips, complaints and referrals regarding investment scams.

Fraudsters are taking advantage of the uncertainties and changes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic to lure victims to investment scams that promise high returns. According to the Federal Trade Commission, con artists would target victims by promising extra income. Most of the victims are in their 50’s or 60’s and are more likely to report losing money due an investment scam.

In the Ponzi scheme, criminals would use the money of new investors to pay the promised returns of existing investors. Investors must be aware of the tell-tale signs of Ponzi scheme like guaranteed high investment returns, unlicensed and unregistered brokers and overly consistent returns.

During periods of market volatility, investors will usually turn to certificates of deposit with a fixed rate of return. However, criminals would often direct unsuspecting investors to spoofed websites that closely resemble a legitimate financial firm. Investors must watch out for high interest rates without penalties for early withdrawal of funds. The spoofed website does not offer financial services except for certificates of deposit.

Investors must also be wary of companies that claim a product or service that can prevent or cure Covid-19. They hype their stocks by making unreliable claims which could result to huge losses for investors.

In January 2017, Donich Law was able to resolve a complex fraud banking scheme with no criminal record. The offense involved stolen social insurance numbers, false identification and bank records. The situation involved an individual with no criminal history and was unaware that his alleged conduct was fraudulent.