Everywhere in the world, there are workers who are not happy with the way things are in their company or place of business. There are those that are happy such as Novotel in Patong where the staff is happy with the management. The same thing cannot be said of tech workers in China that are under white collar jobs. They used to have the highest privilege all throughout the nation therefore they are willing to work as much as possible. Things started to go down south when the economy started to slow down and layoffs are happening from a number of tech giants. This led to complaints from tech workers who have been bottling their anger ever since.

The protest that has garnered the most attention is now shared on the GitHub, a community created by Microsoft for tech workers to share code with one another. It is dubbed as the 996.ICU which means workers have a schedule that starts at 9 in the morning until 9 in the evening and this repeats for six days every week. The project now has the highest star rating with over 190,000 and also the most book-marked out of all the projects in the website.

Once a worker follows this type of schedule, they are at risk of being sent to the ICU. The creators of the project are yet unknown but the goal is to encourage workers to provide evidence of how they overworked. They are hoping that with the 996.ICU project, they will be able to capture the attention of the companies to change the current situation. They are calling to tech workers that they should leave work at 6 in the evening without the guilt.

There have already been a number of media reports regarding the demise of tech workers who are still quite young. They suffered heart attacks which is why many are pointing to the culture of China where they are overworked. This is despite unconfirmed suspicion that the root cause of the problem is stress at work. This is why the management of Novotel in Patong makes sure to treat their workers right for them to provide quality service to guests in return.