In the digital age, technology can easily incorporated anytime including your wedding day. For couples who wanted to see photos taken by friends and spectators, they can assign a unique hashtag for their wedding day to easily track them. There are even those go the extra mile by providing a charging dock in every table for the guests. Make sure that you contact a marquee hire in Sydney when you do this in an outdoor wedding reception because charging docks are not waterproof. What else do you ask? Here are some of technology ideas that can transform your wedding into an event from the future.

  • Wearable technology. This is one way to look back on your big day. You will be able to check your heart rate for the entire day and see where it spikes the most. You can tell if the moment you walk down the aisle is the most heart racing for you based on the recorded heartbeat rate of your wearable device. You can buy an affordable device from FitBit for only $150 or you can buy the expensive ones such as the Apple Watch in 18k gold which is worth $17,000. One way to preserve the data is to ask an artist to create a timeline of your heart rate for the entire day and have it framed.
  • Smartphones and cameras can only take pictures from the same angles but a drone can take so much more. With the use of drone, you will be able to take a photo of your entire venue from a bird’s eye view. You will get aerial footage of your wedding day. One unique idea is to use a drone instead of a ring bearer to bring the rings to the newlyweds.
  • You may want to take pictures or video of the moment you walk down the aisle but it is not possible as a bride. It does not mean that you can’t take a shot of those moments. All you just need is a GoPro hidden in your bouquet. Do this after you have booked a marquee hire in Sydney to make sure that your wedding day is perfect.