That seems obvious, doesn’t it? To say that technology is affecting how online advertising works; after all, without technology, there wouldn’t even be online advertising.

With all of the marketing, advertising, and king kong advertising reviews online, advertisers need something special to grab people’s attention. This is why companies are turning to the latest technologies to stand out amidst the competition.

Social media and mobile

With millions of people possessing at least one social media account, it’s only logical that advertisers would look to that market. Thankfully, the major platforms, like LinkedIn, and Facebook, have their well-built platforms for advertising.

Proper optimization is still key in order to do well in social media advertising, with geolocation technology being paired up with a video to attract the largest demographic possible. Geolocation allows for solid targeting for local ads, while a video is a tried-and-tested medium in the digital space.

Native advertising

Native advertising is when a video or some other form of content comes with the message, “this program was brought to you by (x)”. It’s been making a comeback as more and more people use adblockers to avoid the usual ads.

If advertisers want good king kong advertising reviews, then they’re having to adapt more creative ways to get their message across and reach viewers


The elephant in the room, automation has found its way into a lot of industries, and online advertising is no exception. There’s a lot of data and information on the internet, and there’s simply no way for an advertiser to sift through all of it.

That’s where algorithms come in; analyzing data and making good use of it. Automated advertising is becoming increasingly popular because they save time and money.