Technology has greatly changed how people interact with the world. In spite of that, however, the tuition and test preparation industries have mostly stayed the same. Computer aided learning programs and online virtual tutors have been gaining ground, but traditional one-on-one tutoring is still around and still growing.

People know that a good, old-fashioned one-on-one Tamil tuition can’t be beat, which is why traditional tutoring enjoys steady growth. Technology isn’t likely to make one-on-one tuition go away, but it has been making the process easier behind the scenes.

Private tuition isn’t exempt from having logistical needs; managing tutors, students, schedules, curricula, and other needs require hours of work and good administration, not to mention the necessity of travel, which has become impossible in the wake of the pandemic.

Basically, technology Is playing a supportive role, making things easier for everyone involved. The traditional workflow goes as follows:

  • Take a phone call from a parent
  • Schedule the student
  • Pass information to the tutor
  • Record the tutoring session’s results
  • Progress reporting
  • Billing and payroll
  • Additional matters

That’s a lot of steps that need dealing with, with plenty of room for something to go wrong. A lot of tuition firms tend to deal with management issues, which can be handily dealt with using software and services. Lots of options are on the market right now, and there are ways to get something custom for specialized needs, though that’s a  bit more risky.

As the traditional Tamil tuition and its ilk can’t be matched in certain aspects, technology can instead bolster what works and improve on what doesn’t.

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing people to stay at home, tutors and educators have been forced to turn to online tuition to reach their students. Data from Bramble’s latest survey show that educators are expecting to stay online for tuition, with 91% of their 2,063 respondents expecting online tutoring to stay until at least 2021.

With more educators actually testing it themselves, opinion towards online tuition have shifted dramatically, 72% of the respondents saying that they believe that online tuition is at least as effective as in-person tuition.

Technology is changing how people interact with the world, and while it can’t or, perhaps, shouldn’t replace how educators teach, it can make things easier for everyone involved.