Have you ever thought about changing your car’s interior such as the leather seat covers maybe in order to give it a new look? This is easy to do because covers can be easily removed and replaced. How about the rest of the car’s interior? There is no technology available in the market that can make this come true but it might have one in the near future.

Based on the research done between the design department of the BMW and the Self-Assembly Lab of MIT for two years, they were proud to announce that they were able to create a breakthrough. This is in the form of an inflatable material which is in three-dimensional which means it can easily adapt as well as transform into something different from its original form.

The technology used by the researchers is called liquid printed pneumatics which is a combination of soft robotics and the rapid act of liquid printing. When these two are fused, objects can be produced and the end result will be a silicone material. The object has the same characteristic as printable balloon because the shape can change there is an instantaneous change with regards to the stiffness.

The same technology is now being eyed because it might be possible to make car interiors that are customizable and with many functions through the application of the design. The object made of silicon changes shape based on the air pressure that is exerted by the system. BMW thinks this is a pivotal discover because the future is here and it will be filled with autonomies vehicles.

According to Brand Vision’s head which is under BMW, Martina Starke, the adaptive technology used in the material will make it possible to create more breakthroughs in the future. When that time comes, car owners will no longer need leather seat covers because even the actual seats might be altered. Starke added that the discovered technology is the result of the collaboration between organizations and they are expecting to see the evolution of the partnership in the years to come.