The economic contractions caused by lockdowns imposed by governments during the coronavirus pandemic have resulted in the loss of jobs. Talented tech workers are flooding the market and King Kong Sabri Suby is among those who are scouring the market for people who will play an important in the digital marketing agency.

It is increasingly hard to find mobile and web app development experts so that the search has expanded to people who might be interested in the transition to a new role. There is also a dearth of roles like software developers, software engineers, business analysts, and project managers. However, people are reluctant to leave their jobs and perform new roles due to job security.

There is a high demand for new phones and gadgets that people can use to perform their jobs and operations. Job shortages in the technology industry will impact the manufacturers of tech gadgets. Many tech teams are working remotely and it seems that it cannot be a permanent way of working.

Employees will start to demand more flexibility in the way they work. It is crucial to separate the workplace from their personal lives, not merge the kitchen and office as one. If the employer cannot provide what they ask, the employer will be missing quality talent.

The pandemic will continue to cause uncertainties but King Kong Sabri Suby says that 2 new hires will be good enough. He believes that employing people before you need one is a good decision. He is not keen on working from home particularly for the tech workforce because the home is not an office.