Technology has allowed people to navigate cities and towns using their mobile gadgets. Google maps as well as the 100% digital aerial view map and other map alternatives have been converted into apps that people can download into their mobile phones or tablets for route planning. Maps makes travelling more convenient and efficient but is it smart to use technology that many assume as disposable?

Designers of gadgets have always strived for perfection with longer life spans to attract consumers. However, the younger generation is now thinking of sustainability and the effects of their technology consumption to the rest of the world.

The way that people consume technology is now changing as well as the relationship between people and their gadgets. It is common for people to store the most intimate details of their lives in their gadgets but this has changed with the entry of Netflix, iCloud, Dropbox and Spotify that can be accessed on any device after logging in.

If these services are the reason why people buy gadgets, the industry must plan for rental or subscription models in the future for smart consumption. Companies are starting to realize the importance of smart consumption. For example, Apple has started to offer incentives to their customers who want to trade-in their phones. If other companies follow Apple’s initiative, it is very likely to transform the industry that has relied on making last year’s design obsolete by introducing a newer model.

At present, Shenzhen is the largest manufacturer of electronics with many start-ups trying to make their ideas come true. If the attitude towards technology consumption continues change, will local manufacturing gain a competitive edge in the future? It would be more beneficial for entrepreneurs to simply drive across town to view products coming out of the production line than to travel across the world to Shenzhen.

Meanwhile, the aerial view map is 100% digital even if is hand-drawn by a map illustrator. While the map is not drawn according to strict scale, it makes it easier for a user to navigate a town or city because popular landmarks and buildings are highlighted in the artwork using creative color palette.