If you have ever worked in an office before, you might have encountered some days. There might be times you forgot to bring your RFID and you are not able to enter the office without the help of the reception. There are instances where your hot-desking spot has already been filled by someone else or the air conditioning is too cold for your liking. These instances prove that the design of an office is very important as it can impact the worker’s engagement, creativity and productivity. Many companies are careful when buying office furniture in Auckland and they consider a number of factors before deciding.

Nowadays, many companies are building smart offices in order to satisfy the needs of their employees. These modern offices are equipped with AI technology, smart furniture and IoT sensors. The state of the current workplace was reflected with the most recent survey conducted by Microsoft wherein 20,476 workers were surveyed both from small and large businesses. The survey’s main aim was to gather information regarding the technology employed in these businesses, the performance of the employees as well as their attitudes toward work.

According to the report, IT does not play the major role in digital transformation but rather the people using them. This aspect tackles the company culture. The report centers on digital culture which refers to how a company or business encourages their employees to use technology in order to work faster and more efficiently.

There are three factors examined during the survey – the work output, the innovation and empowerment. These are tested on businesses that have different levels of digital culture from weak to the strongest.

The most revealing fact is that on these three factors, it was shown that the higher the digital culture, the more employees feel that they are products, innovative and empowered. This is one proof that digital culture is a positive force on the businesses. Despite this fact, the figures show that there is still more to be improved. As businesses strive to buy smarter office furniture in Auckland, they should also think of better management systems inside the workplace.