The Importance Of Mobile In Philanthropic Crowdfunding 

Donations to Philanthropic crowdfunding campaigns are usually done through mobile. Younger generations are more likely to donate through their smartphones but older donors have upped the use of mobile, as well. It is important for crowdfunding campaigns to be mobile savvy because more and more people tend to access the internet through mobile gadgets instead of desktops and laptops.

The website, donation page, social media channels and email newsletter are online communication channels which must be easy to access through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It is important to pay particular attention to the donation page whether the links are working or if the font is large enough.

Forms must be easy to read and short enough. Only minimum information must be asked so that donors can complete the task quickly and conveniently. The task of putting credit card information on a mobile device is often difficult when the keyboard is far from optimal. This will be a big barrier to completing a donation on a mobile gadget.

One of the most familiar ways to collect donations through mobile is the “text-to-give” (TTG) method. Donations through TTG goes through a phone carrier and then passed on to the organization. The donation will show up on the donor’s phone bill and once it has been paid, the donation will be sent along to charity. TTG is particularly important during disasters because people can quickly respond to the needs of victims.

Another method is through text pledges where a donor can text a number provided by the crowdfunding platform. The donor will receive a link to a particular landing page where he can find a mobile-optimized donation form. The donor can complete the form, donate an amount he has chosen and automatically receive a generated response of gratitude. However, this method only works effectively if the mobile-optimized form is easy to use.

There are other methods that can be used by Philanthropic crowdfunding to collect donations through mobile devices. In order to create a successful campaign, support and anticipation must be generated weeks before the campaign. Excitement can be built before the campaign starts through engaging pages that will keep the community updated on the latest news.