When performing office fitouts in Sydney, technology should be listed as the top priority nowadays. Choose an office space that will help you accomplish this or improve your current space in a way that technology will be easily incorporated. A company’s competitiveness rely greatly on how they use technology on a daily bases and workers will be able to perform their tasks more efficiently with the help of technology. Take a look at the following tips before planning your next office fitouts and make sure the company you hire specializes in integrating technology with a modern office setup.

  • VOIP phones are necessary and their demand is increasing among offices located in Australia. This takes the place of traditional office phones we have been used to. The VOIP system will give employees the capacity to make calls through their broadband connection thus improving the communication within the company. A single number can be utilized by the company regardless of the location. In the age of conference calling, VOIP is the better alternative when it comes to call quality. This will also help in reducing the amount the company has to pay the telecom companies while reducing communication problems in the office.
  • Tablets are one of the best ways to ensure organization within the workplace. This eliminates the need for papers because files can be easily synced and shared within a single network. There are various ways in which a tablet can prove to be effective such as booking conference rooms, creating an interactive notice board for the employees, visitors can easily log in and out and presentations for meetings can be done using tablets. During fitouts, tablet mounts should be included in the plan.
  • Create a hotdesks to add more space for workers. This is basically a casual space wherein anyone can work in. It is ideal for companies that hire freelancers that only come in a few times a month. The space does not require privacy and not a personal space that belongs to a specific worker. Talk with the company that will do your office fitouts in Sydney to add desks and power outlets equipped with USB slots for the hotdesks.