How do you buy a set of linens? Are you one of the spontaneous types who are immediately tempted to buy a new set of bed linens because you found something interesting online or do you buy something new only when your sheets are threadbare or torn? No matter which category you fall in, it is important to buy linens that are worth your money; not because they looked pretty inside someone else’s bedroom.

How to choose your bed linen

  • Manufacturers of mattresses have no standard rule in terms of size which means that you have to measure the mattress carefully to make sure that the fitted sheet will fit. Write down the exact measurements before you start to shop online or go to the bed linen store.
  • There are so many places where you can buy bed linen aside from online retailers. You need to set a budget because there is always the tendency to overspend when you find the latest trendy designs. There is a wide selection of colours and patterns that will make the choice a little bit more difficult; however, the most important factor must be quality and durability.
  • One of the first things that you should take into account is thread count, a measurement that best describes the quality of the bedding. It refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch of fabric. A high thread count is usually associated to softness and better quality.
  • The choice between the fitted and flat sheets usually depends on personal preference; however, it is easier to fold and iron flat sheets particularly those made from cotton with extra-long staple fibres.
  • Be cautious of “bargains” because you will get what you pay for. Something a little bit more expensive will stay as nice as on the first day that you bought it.

Some of the best bedding you can find are crafted and printed in the USA. Each order can be customized in the colours and designs that you love. This means that your bedding is never identical to any other. There are no extra charges for a change in colour, size and other personalization requirements.

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