It is not common to hear about infrared being used in termite inspections in Sydney but the truth is that the technology was developed in the 1940s. The same technology is being utilized by the Department of Agriculture in the United States during the Operation Full Stop conducted in Louisiana. Thermography is a technology that utilizes infrared imaging together with measurement camera. Users will be able to see as well as measure the level of thermal energy that comes from the source. Thermal energy is invisible to the naked eye because the light’s wavelength is very long.

The wavelength is included in the electromagnetic spectrum thus humans think of it as heat. Thermal imaging is a non-invasive but effective method of finding the damage caused by termites inside a property.The bottom line is that infrared makes it possible to detect what is not visible to human eyes.

The technology of thermal imaging is able to find heat patterns. If there is presence of termites in a structure, there is a change in the normal heat patterns on surfaces such as floors and walls. The thermal camera will be able to show the variations in the heat patterns and locate the nests of the termites. Hot spots are represented by the colours yellow and red while cold spots are either purple or blue.

Once termites enter the building, they can create a small colony in as fast as six weeks. Damage will start at the timber material of the house and they will burrow in the darkest areas because they do not like light. They are very good in controlling their temperatures by generating heat or finding moist areas. These changing heat patterns can easily be detected by thermal camera which is not possible with conventional termite inspection methods.

Despite the fact that infrared detection is more expensive because of the latest technology used, it is still more effective. Not many termite inspections in Sydney are done by thermal imaging but there are other alternative used by pest control companies that are also proven effective. Infrared technology is gaining popularity and it will not be long before all pest control companies employ this method.

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