A song lyric once goes, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” How true this is when you plan to move to a new home. Before you lose some items, you need to create a moving inventory, and write down all the important things you may have that furniture removalists in Sydney can handle. This will ensure everything is listed and carefully move to your new abode. Also choose the removalists that are right for your needs.

Get Your Life Together

If you’re moving into a new home, you need to ensure that your precious belongings are listed down in an inventory. This will also help you decide what is staying and going. This will also determine what and how much insurance you need for the move. Plus, you have a reference list for the movers, so all your things won’t go astray, especially during shifts.

A well-written household inventory will capture all things from furniture to documents and jewellery. The inventory will not only help you list down your priced possessions. You will also recognise what has been lost, damaged or left behind. This will also determine if you need reimbursements from furniture removalists in Sydney for mishandled items.

Check the Record

Your personal documents must include birth certificate, marriage certificate, wills, insurance policies, deeds and family trust documents. Make photocopies of these documents and keep the originals at all times. The copies can go with the other items you intend to move to your new house.

You may need to capture a video or pictures about the furniture and other belongings before the move. Have a camera or mobile phone capture all these items. All these must also be included in your written inventory.

Also, keep track of your clothing, furniture, appliances, garden tools, jewellery and antiques. These smaller items are more valuable than the bigger items. If you have completed your inventory, make several copies which you can give to trusted friends and family members, and keep the originals with you. You can also give a copy to the furniture removalists in Sydney, so they also have information about your goods.